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Quest Series
Starting ZoneThe Refuge
Rec. Levels1 to 100
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City of Steam
Quest Series

In each zone, the sub-quests of the [Main] quest will send you to each of the dungeons in that zone. Only after you complete each sub-quest will the Optional and Daily quests for that dungeon become available to you. We strongly suggest that you do the Optional and Daily quests as you gain access to them. This way your level will increase more in pace with the progression of the Main quests.

Book 1 (Prologue)

  1. Tutorial: City of Smoke
  2. [Main] Gather Coal - Help make the Railhauler ready to depart
    1. Get Coal from the Coal Yard - Fill the Coal Carts
    2. Get Coal from the Depot - Fill the Coal Carts
  3. Flee Delton - All aboard!

Upon stepping off the Railhauler onto the station platform at The Refuge, you receive a mysterious call, via the artifact you found.

Each race will have a slightly-different, but not very, experience at this point. For Settle In and Purge the Homestead, the actual quest name will be followed by the name of your race, such as Settle In: Draug and Purge the Homestead: Draug.

  1. Settle In - Learn your way around your new home
  2. Purge the Homestead - Clear the Cellar
  3. [Main] The Outsider - Visit Arkadia

Book 2, Chapter 1

Climb the Skydock

  1. [Main] Repair the Skydock - Help Captain Twyne
    1. Find a Phlogiston Canister - The Bunker Halls
    2. Rescue the Tinker - The Glut
    3. Gather Lumber - The Old Courtyard
    4. Save the Miners - The Sunken Lode
    5. Gather Scrap Iron - Dustyard
    6. Raise the Elevator - The Well
    7. Upon climbing up to the Skydock you will receive another incoming call from your mysterious friend.
    8. Flight of the Freighter - Take a ride on an airship
      • Hint: Until you reach level 12 and get your new skill you will probably be unable to finish this quest.
      • Upon exiting the Freighter you receive another call
  2. Iron and Bones - Kill 50 Skeleton Thralls, 30 Sekeleton Soldiers and 20 Skeleton Headsmen in The Ironwaste
  3. Reach Heartland Road - Deliver a message to Officer Jost in Heartland Road

Book 2, Chapter 2

Break the Stalemate

  1. [Main] Trouble on the Road - Help break the Corsairs hold on Heartland Road
    1. Destroy the Cache - Destroy the Corsair weapons cache in the Crumbling Sepulchre
      • You receive another call from Imraphel. He grows impatient for you to reach Meluan's Gate.
      • When you re-enter the portal you just emerged from (at the hidden dock) it takes you back outside the entrance to Crumbling Sepulchre.
    2. Ambush at the Bazaar - Help with Jost and Yukat's clever plan to reclaim the Bazaar
    3. Liberate Heratland Motors - Help Jost and the Nexan Guard secure the Skydock at Heartland Motors (and their only bar, too)
      • Imraphel calls you for a status update.
    4. Siege the Sluice - Run the Corsairs to ground in The Sluice
    5. Manor War - Chase the First Mate into the Corsair Manor, and face Captain Genthus
  2. Veiled Threat - Make the road safe from mad toilers in Heartland Vale
  3. A Very Important Gate - Reach Meluan's Gate and find the Postal Clerk
    • Imraphel calls to tell you to step on the Myth Hub (which starts the first quest of the next section)

Book 2, Chapter 3

Meluan's Gate

  1. [Main] Awaken the Myth Hub - Find the Myth Hub in Meluan's Gate to calibrate your device
    • As soon as you step onto the Myth Hub, Imraphel calls to tell you that you need to find each of the Myth Docks in the dungeons surrounding Meluan's Gate
    1. Railyard Dock - Find the Railyard Myth Dock
    2. Urbis Dock - Find the Urbis Myth Dock (in Urbis Medius)
    3. Near Scraphills Dock - Find the Scraphills Myth Dock (in The Far Scraphills)
    4. Harbor Archives Dock - Find the Archives Myth Dock (in Harbor Archives 3)
    5. Central Bilge Dock - Find the Bilge Myth Dock (in The Central Bilge)
    6. Old Mooring Dock - Find the Airship Myth Dock (in the Airship Graveyard)
    7. Underworks Dock - Find the Deepworks Myth Dock (in The Deepworks)
    8. Final Dock - Find the Harbor Cave to reach the Final Myth Dock (in Meluan's Rest)
    9. Prepare Yourself - (25)
    10. Now that you are 25, activate the Aetheric Focus by the Myth Hub.
  2. Ride the Myth Beam - Use the Transit Beam to travel to The Vault.

Book 3, Chapter 1

Awaken the Vault

  1. [Main] Rekindle the Vault - Find Imraphel
    1. Gather Osseum - Gather Osseum x10 in The Sunken Ruins
    2. Gather Lacrymox - Gather Lacrymox x10 in The Raised Ruins
    3. Gather Eosite - Gather Eosite x10 in Lower Spire Tunnels
    4. Restore the Elevator - Repair the Backup Generator, then complete challenges (900 region points) while you wait for Meluan and Imraphel to get it working
    5. Aldwatch Counterattack - Defeat the Brood in Aldwatch and retrieve the Cores of the Mythspike (in Aldwatch Mythspike Core)
    6. Ebonwax Counterattack - Defeat the Brood in Ebonwax and retrieve the Cores of the Mythspike (in Ebonwax Mythspike Core)
    7. Dimpoint Counterattack - Defeat the Brood in Dimpoint and retrieve the Cores of the Mythspike (in Dimpoint Mythspike Core)
    8. Bypass the Spirelock - the Vault cannot move upward until the security system is circumvented
    9. Reach Level 32
  2. Thousand-Yard Stair - Kill many aggressive foes in The Broken Stair
  3. [Main] Panics in the Annex - Enter Founders' Annex via the backdoor in The Broken Stair

Book 3, Chapter 2

  1. Beseech the Oracle
    1. [Main] Beseech the Oracle - Investigate the recent power loss and discover why The Annex went into Lockdown.
      1. First Trial: The Relic - Find the Paragon Relic in Spireward Vent
      2. Second Trial: The Fugitive - Find the Fugitive in Foundersbrook
      3. Third Trial: The Middleman - Find the Businessman and recover the parcels in Toothward Tombs
      4. Fourth Trial: the Patient - Find some Hypothernal Paste in Culverin Rock
      5. The Paragons' Children - Search for texts that may illuminate The Paragons' Children in The Reliquary and The Sanctum
      6. The Trow in Bloom - Defeat Trow in The Oracle's Tears and The Trow Blossoming
    2. [Main] Hopping the Fens - Clear a way through the Spirestep Fens
    3. [Main] Reach the Gardenworks - Find the Gardenworks across the Spirestep Fens
  2. Confront the Matriarch
    1. [Main] Seek the Passage - Cross the Flooded Ward and find the Ancient Passage
    2. [Main] Fall of the Matriarch - Enter The Matriarch Chamber
  3. [Main] The Mysterious Sphere - Learn more about the Sphere
  4. [Main] The Path to Payback - Assist in the defense of the Gardenworks
  5. [Main] Patrolling in the Deep - Chase Imraphel to the Forgotten Tomb
  6. [Main] Into the Tomb - Shut down Imraphel's Evil Plan™
  7. [Main] The Thin Red Mine - Pursue Imraphel through The Red Mine
  8. [Main] End of the Line - Pursue Imraphel into Valsgard Claim
  9. [Main] Reach Level 44 - (44)
  10. [Main] Tower Offense - Reactivate the Oracle's defenses
  11. [Main] A Gate with Destiny - (45)
  12. [Main] Release the Legion - (46) Defeat the Scrapman in The Clockwork Garrison
  13. [Main] Rescue Yukat - (47) Defeat the Bowerbird in Shiv Lane
  14. [Main] Once More Unto the Breach - (48) Defeat three Bosses in Beryl's Breach
  15. [Main] Breaching Out - Defeat many enemies in Beryl's Breach


  1. [Main] Enemy from a Woeful Past - (50) The Seer of Arkadia requests your help
  2. [Main] Bad Eggs - Stem the Brood incursion in Beryl's Folly
  3. [Main] Blood of the Brood - (51) Collect Brood Blood Samples
  4. [Main] Imraphel's Secret Vault I - (52) Kill Ulgrim the Betrayed in The Maze of Ulgrim
  5. [Main] Imraphel's Secret Vault II - (53) Kill mort'gok the Devourer in Cells of the Forsaken
  6. [Main] Prisoners of War - (54) Break 10 cages in Castellum Phoenix
  7. [Main] Hunt Down the Cult - (54) Hunt mechanthropes for 30 Cult Badges in Castellum Phoenix
  8. [Main] Into the Heat - (55) Complete The Maw
  9. [Main] Fire Flight - (56) Clear the Frigates
  10. [Main] The Void Portal - (57) Complete Void Portal
  11. [Main] Songbreaker in Throne - (57) Destroy Songbreaker in Void Portal
  12. [Main] Guardian of the Void - (59) Talk to the Seer of the Past in Arkadia of the Past
  13. [Main] The Finale - (59) Defeat Battle Imraphel in Arkadia of the Past

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