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At the 2008 Premier Site Summit, Square Enix gave to each Premier Site a Naoshi Mizuta autographed Piano Collections CD for the sites to give out to their community members. Allakhazam community members were asked to submit three parts to enter the drawing for the CD. The winner was Theytak of Siren.

The Piano Collections CD
The Piano Collections CD

News Announcement

Are you a big fan of the Final Fantasy XI musical score? Naoshi Mizuta has composed many of our favorite musical melodies from the world of Vana'diel and produced the recently released Final Fantasy XI Piano Collections CD.

The limited First Edition CDs come with a code for a special in-game item, the harpsichord. These CDs are no longer on sale! Allakhazam.com has available one First Edition Piano Collections CD autographed by Naoshi Mizuta himself that will be given away in a drawing.

Are you wondering how you can enter to win this fantastic collector's item? We didn't want to make it too easy for you all to enter to win such a great prize, so entries into this drawing will require three parts.

Part 1 - Bard Photos: Take a screenshot of your in-game character with any of the NPC bards found in the cities of Vana'diel.

Part 2 - Song Lyrics: Turn a familiar tune into a FFXI song! Pick from television themes, show tunes, or popular radio hits and send us your lyrics. There is no minimum or maximum requirement. Be as creative as you like, just keep it clean . Who knows? You might even hear your song performed on The Mog House by Pikko, Exodus, and the radio troll!

Part 3 - Tune in: Listen to the live broadcast of The Mog House on Sunday, August 10th for details on the final piece you will need to enter into our drawing. Notice the musical trend in Parts 1 and 2? This should be a big hint as to what Part 3 requires!

All entries should be mailed to ffxiteam@allakhazam.com with the following information:

  • Part 1: Screenshot with bard
  • Part 2: Song lyrics (must be FFXI related)
  • Part 3: Name the 2 background music songs played on the August 10 show of The Mog House
  • In-game character name
  • Current World
  • Allakhazam.com username
  • E-mail address

Don't procrastinate! Get started on your song lyrics today! The deadline to enter is Sunday, August 17th. One entry per person. An e-mail confirmation will be sent. If you do not receive this confirmation within 24 hours of submission, please re-send.

Don't miss out on your chance to win this great prize! The winner will be drawn and announced live on The Mog House on Sunday, August 17th.

The Mog House

Download the podcasts to listen to contest details!


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