Morheim's Hero (Aion Mission)  


Many troubles brew in Morheim, including Corrupt Judge Kromede's search for ancient weapons, the Lepharist Revolutionaries, who do stigma extractions on living Daevas, and the Mau who have been bribed by the Balaur to fight their own kind. Protect the Asmodian people and solve the troubles in this land, and shore up the defences against the inevitable Balaur attack. Go to the aid of Brigade General Aegir and complete all the campaign quests in the Morheim region.


Level: 39

Location: Morheim

Difficulty: 4 stars


When your Mission is complete, go to the Atreian Atlas and use the Claim button to claim your reward. Your items will be mailed to you, in-game, via Shugo Express or normal mail.

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