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City of Steam
Myth Points is one of the best ways to increase your Power.

The number of Myth Tablets available to you, and the number of times you may use Refresh per day, are restricted by your Subscription Level.

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Myth Tablets

At the bottom of the tablet is displayed the number of gems, of each color, that you have not yet found. Also, the cost for each Research Attempt.

A single, fully researched myth tablet (assuming Electrum are not used) will cost about three and a half million Shillings.

Subscribers may Refresh your Myth Tablets, allowing you to continue your research. This does not affect your Myth Points from prior research. The number of times you can Refresh is governed by your Subscription Level, and every refresh after the first one costs Electrum.

Research costs Shillings (or Electrum), and the cost rises quickly (see table, below). Clicking away without paying attention to the cost is a good way to go broke really fast! If you are so lucky as to find the one orange gem, stop and move on to another tablet!

Using Unbound Electrum to research starts at 20Electrum ($0.19) , increasing 5Electrum ($0.05)  each click, and improves the odds of finding a more valuable gem and/or achieving a critical research. The cost when researching with Electrum does not increase the cost of the next Shilling-fueled research, and vice-versa. Both Shilling and Electrum cost-per-click on each tablet is independent of the other tablets. Bound Electrum cannot be used for research.

Critical research can result in a 2x, 5x, 10x or 20x increase in the value of a Myth Gem.

Research Cost
1100020Electrum ($0.19) 
2150025Electrum ($0.24) 
3200030Electrum ($0.29) 
4300035Electrum ($0.34) 
5500040Electrum ($0.39) 
6800045Electrum ($0.44) 
71500050Electrum ($0.49) 
82500055Electrum ($0.53) 
93750060Electrum ($0.58) 
105500065Electrum ($0.63) 
118500070Electrum ($0.68) 
1212000075Electrum ($0.73) 
1317000080Electrum ($0.78) 
14+25000085Electrum ($0.83) 

Gem Values
GemQty per
Base Value

of Tablets
per Day
5295Electrum ($0.92) 
53195Electrum ($1.89) 

Myth Points

You may spend your Myth Points to gain stat bonuses. You get your first Stat Bonus Gear at level 20, then another every 5 levels. All stats on the same Gear must be at the same level before you can increase any to the next level. Of course the Research cost per level increases as you get to higher gears and higher levels.

LevelResearch Cost by Gear Unlock Level
OOC 3ICE has said he would like to see a table here that shows Myth Point Cost as it relates to Stat Points gained for each upgrade. This sounds like a very good idea until you realize that you would need separate tables for each Gear and Stat.

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