No Small Task (VG Quest)  

Vanguard Quest
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[1]No Small Task
 · Thestra/Bordinar's Cleft
 · Solo
Speak to Nori Anvilfist, just outside Shaletooth Tower
Return to Nori Anvilfist
No Small Task

Nori stomps and says,"Those kobolds are a complete nuisance! I had a crate of ale jugs sent here from the Cleft, and those little mongrels managed to knock it off the cart on its way here...and it had almost arrived, too!"

"Let me assure you that this is no small matter. We're running low on ale up here, and we'll be out soon without that crate - and NO ONE wants to see that happen. I think they might have hidden it. Why don't you grab it and bring it back up here...we'd all appreciate it."

Quest Summary

Search the rocks near the path leading south of Shaletooth Tower. Return Non's Crate to Nori Anvilfist at Shaletooth Tower.

Quest Objectives

Supply of Ale (0/1)

Quest Rewards

Supply of Ale
Supply of Ale
coin: 10c

Completion Dialogue
Nori asks,"Were you able to locate the crate? We've got a lot of thirsty dwarves up here...wouldn't want to keep them waiting!"

Nori takes the crate and says,"Ah, perfect! This is what we were waiting for! And from the looks of it, the jugs appear to be intact...well, mostly anyway. We can do without shipments of food, but good ale can't be replaced."

"Here's a small reward for what you did. And here...take a jug of this for yourself. No good dwarf should be without it!"

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