Northern Janost Forest (RoM Zone)  

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Runes of Magic

This page refers to content that was introduced with the expansion, Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms.

Runes of Magic Zone Information
TypePublic Outdoor
Expansion The Elder Kingdoms
Level Range 57 to 60
Connecting Zones Southern Janost Forest,Limo Desert
DungeonsRaksha Temple
ResourcesFairywood, Frost Crystal, Mirror Sedge, Ancient Spirit Oak Wood, Rune Obsidian Ore, Thorn Apple
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The unexplored northern part of the Janost Forest is teeming with menacing hybrid creatures: half demon, half dragon, lurking in the shadows. The bitter conflict between the hostile Jyr’na and Angren clans also presents a danger to anyone unfortunate enough to get caught in the crossfire. Few have travelled here and lived to tell the tale.

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