Passion for Construction (Aion Quest)  

Crafting Quest Series
Asmodian Only
Asmodian Key Quest
Can be shared.
Can be abandoned.
Start Zone: Pandaemonium
Start Place: Temple of Artisans
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Talk with Darfen in Pandaemonium at Temple of Artisans.
Level 30 [Expert] Passion for Construction
To prove your expert abilities, craft Darfen's Plush Chair.
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Quest Notes

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This is a Construction (399p) crafting quest.

This quest is REQUIRED before you can be promoted to Expert. You will need to purchase Design: Darfen's Plush Chair (299p) (PW/AA) for 215,622 Kinah . Since this is a 299p recipe and you should be 399p at the moment you should have NO failures while making this item.

You will also need the following items:

Minimum required out-of-pocket expense: 900,782 Kinah

Quest Series
Expert of Construction
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