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The new zone of Ravenfell is now open. Players will find that the pirate camps and the old harbour will offer new adventures for everyone from level 45-50. Just be very cautious! There are ghosts and monsters in that pirate cave!

Windrunner Race

With this patch we add a new minigame to Runes of Magic. To register for a race, talk to Michelle Lang (Ggl) in Varanas and for only a handful of Phirius Tokens she'll transport all eight participants to the races. To ensure fair play, all participants will get a NPC horse. And to make things interesting there are special abilities that can be gathered on the racetrack to either give you a boost or to use against your opponents.

New lv 35 elite skills

New Elite skills for all class combinations have been added to the game. Please contact the trainer in Varanas for further details.



Hit-rate and dodge rate changes

With this patch we are introducing further changes to the combat system. Skills and item stats now influence you Hit and Dodge rates.

  • Information on Hit rate and Dodge rate have been added to character data window.
  • Hit rate / Dodge rate bonuses and penalties from equipment or skills can be given as either point or percentage values. E.g. +X points dodge rate, or +Y% Dodge rate)
  • The maximum bonus on the Hit-rate / Dodge rate is capped at 50% of the base value. Percentage bonuses are calculated after the points are totaled.
  • E.g. base Dodge rate is 100. The equipment would grant an additional 40 points and 25% on the Dodge rate. The maximum Dodge rate is capped at 150 points.
  • Dexterity will affect Hit rate and Dodge rate.
  • Wisdom will affect Magical Hit rate.
  • Level difference will also affect Hit rate.
  • The skill level and the level of your weapon versus the defense value of the defender are now taken into account to determine the actual Physical attack value.


  • 2-Hand Axe Training: Power has been increased at all levels
  • Quick Reflexes: Slightly raised blocking effect.

Monsters & Loot

  • Lv 50 instance boss drops now have a lower limit on the attributes the drop may come with.



The formula behind the following skills has been fixed so they should now work as intended:

  • Informer
  • Combat Master
  • Wound Tear

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