Patch 4.0.10 Spring Rain Festival Overview (RoM)  

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Runes of Magic

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Festival Spring Rain Event Overview

  • Festival Activities conducted in Zone Howling Mountains, Silverspring, Aslan Valley, Dust Devil Canyon, Thunderhoof Hills
  • Festival NPCs will be located at: Varanas, Obsidian Stronghold and Dalanis

  • 11 Festival Events:
    • Wabbit Defense Battle
      • Event type: like a “tower defend” game
      • Start location: Varanas Entrance
      • Event location: Varanas Entrance
      • Event Target: defend the rabbits against attacking turtles to get a reward

    • Wabbit Pursuit
      • Event type: hunting
      • Start location: Varanas
      • Event location: Varanas
      • Event Target: hunt players which transformed to wabbits

    • Rainbow Egg Graffiti
      • Event type: collect and exchange items
      • Start location: Varanas Bridge
      • Event location: Silverspring, Varanas
      • Event Target: find items and exchange them

    • Ethereal Spectrum Chicken
      • Event type: find and collect items
      • Start location: Varanas Bridge
      • Event location: Silverspring
      • Event Target: find Ethereal Spectrum Chicken and collect Eggs

    • Happy Digging
      • Event type: follow and dig for items
      • Start location: Helen’s Farm
      • Event location: Howling Mountains
      • Event Target: follow a Wabbit and dig for treasures

    • Stolen Rainbow Eggs
      • Event type: find monsters and collect
      • Start Location: Varanas Central Plaza
      • Event location: Howling Mountains, Hidden Valley Mine
      • Event Target: collect Stolen Rainbow Eggs

    • Petal-Gathering
      • Event type: collect item
      • Start Location: Varanas City
      • Event location: Varanas City
      • Event Target: drive frogs through race course

    • Bringing Back the Wabbits
      • Event type: find, collect and NPCs
      • Start Location: Silverfall
      • Event location: Silverfall
      • Event Target: find NPCs and collect them

    • Big Egg Giveaway
      • Event type: find NPCs and deliver Items, find Items
      • Start Location: Dalanis City
      • Event location: Thunderhoof Hills
      • Event Target: deliver items to NPCs and find items

    • Jump, Wabbit, Jump!
      • Event type: find and follow NPC
      • Start Location: Varanas Bridge
      • Event location: Silverspring
      • Event Target: find NPC and follow him

    • Great Wabbit Sendoff
      • Event type: find, collect
      • Start Location: Dalanis City Entrance
      • Event location: Thunderhoof Hills
      • Event Target: find rabbit den and bring rabbit back

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