Patch 4.0.7 Festival of Fire Overview (RoM)  

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Runes of Magic

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Festival of Fire Overview

  • Festival Activities conducted in Silverspring, Dust Devil Canyon, Thunderhoof Hills
  • Festival NPCs will be located at: Varanas, Silverspring, Dust Devil Canyon, Dalanis City

  • 6 Festival Events:
    • Party Pest Control
      • Event type: find and defeat
      • Start location: Varanas Central Plaza
      • Event location: Varanas Gates
      • Event Target: Find Mice and drive them away with the use of the Flame Altar

    • Light the Pyre!
      • Event type: Help NPC/Control Fire
      • Start location: Thunderhoof Hills, outside Dalanis City
      • Event location: Thunderhoof Hills, outside Dalanis City
      • Event Target: Control the fire with water and catalyzed runes as the NPC wants it

    • Drive Beast
      • Event type: Help NPC, defeat monster
      • Start location: Varanas Bridge
      • Event location: Dust Devil Canyon
      • Event Target: (Group Quest) Defeat the Ice or Fire monster by either assisting NPC or assisting your group.

    • Epidemic
      • Event type: Cure Monsters
      • Start location: Varanas Bridge
      • Event location: Silverspring (Around Varanas Gates)
      • Event Target: Cure the sick Monsters with Flame Powder.

    • Iron Chef
      • Event type: Collect Items & Cook
      • Start location: Varanas Gates
      • Event location: Silverspring - Oblivion Shrine
      • Event Target: Collect food in Silverspring and Cook it at Varanas Central Plaza

    • Flame Fortune
      • Event type: Help NPC/Collecting Points
      • Event location: Taborea
      • Event Target: Collect Runes in the Magic Circle and throw them at the Altar.

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