Pieces of the Puzzle (TR Mission)  

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Alright, Soldier, AFS command has made it our top priority to gather intel that will help us determine the location of Eloh vale. It's up to you to put the pieces of the puzzle together for us. To do this, you're going to need to make sure to rendezvous with Base Commander Jayjack in Divide's Foreas Base HQ, Lt. Cisco in Divide's Torcastra Prison, and the Wardens of the Eloh Temples right in our backyard.

I know you won't let us down; return to me once you have the information.




There are three mission chains required to gain the two Eloh Vale map pieces and the Keystone.

  • Timora Mines:
    • After meeting with Base Cmdr. Jayjack at Foreas HQ you will need to complete Mining for Information, and continue to the back of the mines where you will defeat the Warden. Once you have defeated the final warden and gathered all the necessary information from the mines you will need to zone out of Divide for the mission to update.
    • NOTE: If you completed Mining for Information before taking Pieces of the Puzzle it will update normally.
  • Torcastra Prison:
  • The Keystone, Eloh Temples:
    • There are 4 Eloh Temples on the Palisades map. Each of the first three temples (Bowed, Proud, and Raging) require you to complete a chain of missions to prove your worthiness to enter. Once inside each of these temples there will be a test. The tests of the first three temples must be successfully completed before you will gain access to the fourth and final temple. The final temple (Temple of the Patriarch Protector) holds the keystone and final piece to the puzzle.
    • Note: If you fail the missions in either the Temples or Torcastra you should exit the instance and give it 8 minutes to properly reset before returning.

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