Praefect Victory (VG Quest)  

Vanguard Quest
AdventuringCraftingDiplomacyWork OrdersLocations
[1]Praefect Victory
 · Qalia/Hathor Zhi (-15,-10)/Hathor Zhi Fort
 · Diplomacy
Speak to Nalzen Hun'tlar in the central chamber of Hathor Zhi.
Opportunity Knocks Dark Elf Diplomacy
Quest Series
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Praefect Victory

Quest Summary

Quest Objectives

Quest Rewards

At the same time you are offered this quest, Nalzen also gives you two more lessons in Diplomacy: Repeals and Learn Evaluations.

Additionally, this IS the final, and main, quest in this line. After you accept this quest and complete the two lessons you will be offered two more quests which comprise a two-pronged attack on the meat of this series:

These sub-series will eventually rejoin with the quest Forced Alliance, but Praefect Victory will remain open until the entire series is complete.

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