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City of Steam
see also: [Daily] PvP Daily, [Daily] PvP Arena, Company War

In City of Steam you have two totally different approaches to Player vs. Player. The first is the traditional one-on-one (or two-on-two or three-on-three), mano y mano, deathmatch slugfest style where you are playing against one or more other players, anyone can kill anyone, as seen in the Wilderness PvP zones, Tourney, Deathmatch of Fate, and Company War.

The second is a real oddity in MMO gaming... You vs. a computer-controlled clone of another player. They call this Asynchronous PvP, and this is the PvP Ladder. When another player challenges you in the Ladder, they are playing a computer-controlled copy of you! You never even see this combat when another challenges you but it affects your ladder standings. The manner of the computer-opponents attacks is the same as when you use Auto-Attack mode.

When you are the challenger you will be presented with five potential opponents, from 10 places above you down to two places above. Challenge one to start a fight. Your opponent will not attack until you do, so the challenger always gets the opening shot.

You may only make five attempts per day (50Electrum ($0.49)  to add an extra duel) to change your ladder ranking, win or lose. If you lose, you must also suffer a 10 minute cooldown before you can challenge again (although you can spend 95Electrum ($0.92)  to relieve this burden).

Each day you get to claim the Shillings, Spiremarks and Level 1 Mod Boxes you earned in the previous day fighting.

The top ten players are displayed on the Heroic Board.

Cross-Server PvP Wars

The top 50 PvP players (by Server Rating as of 6pm Friday) on each server may join the Cross-Server PvP Wars every Sunday from 19 am to 6 pm (Pacific Time). Server Rating seems to be a formula derived from both your Async PvP Rank and your Arena PvP Rating.

The long-awaited Cross-server Wars is a type of cross-server PvP that the top 50 PvPers of each server will have a chance to compete in for some amazing prize (hustles and bustles). We have to limit the number of entrants from each server because the game is constantly expanding, so you might need to muscle your way to the front of the pack just to get your golden ticket. The competition will be wildly severe, but yield great rewards and giant, epic mounts that are not currently available anywhere else in the game.[1]

Cross-server PvP works exactly the same as Async PvP (PvP Arena) with the exception that you will see possible matches against players from all servers (including your own). You get only five matches (for free) to climb as high as you can and hope you hold onto that position once you get it. Up to an additional 20 matches can be purchased.

Each server competes against players from only one other server. S1 vs S2, S3 vs S4, and so on.

Costs to Unlock Extra Matches

1-950Electrum ($0.49) 
10100Electrum ($0.97) 
11200Electrum ($1.94) 
12300Electrum ($2.91) 
13500Electrum ($4.85) 
14750Electrum ($7.28) 

151000Electrum ($9.71) 
161250Electrum ($12.14) 
171500Electrum ($14.56) 
181750Electrum ($16.99) 
192000Electrum ($19.42) 
202500Electrum ($24.27) 

Each match you participate in will earn you one (lose) or two (win) Cross-server expedition luggage in addition to some Shillings and Valor. Overall Rewards are mailed to you within 24 hours after the event has closed.

Cross-server PvP matches count towards completion of [Daily] PvP Daily but not towards completion of your Daily Goals.

  1. ^ from 2.6 Official Announcement

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