Raise Morale (VG Quest)  

Vanguard Quest
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[4]Raise Morale
 · Qalia/Lomshir (-15,-9)/Housing Area
 · Diplomacy
Speak with Lieutenant Azrid
Raising Morale Dark Elf Diplomacy
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Raise Morale

Lieutenant Azrid says in a bored tone, "Useless. These weak-bloods were very willing to leave Hathor Zhi and become mercenaries with me, but when that roc flew over and knocked our carts about, they panicked."

"Now they won't move - just loaf around here. A Horse Lord of Lomshir has hired us to help raid the Morduma, and he won't wait for us much longer."

"I've already had a couple of my soldier's heads off, but it hasn't had the usual effect on morale."

"Try talking to them. That may work."

Quest Summary

The soldiers here are refusing to follow orders due to fear of another roc attack. Practice your diplomatic skills on them.

Keep speaking with them until Lieutenant Azrid determines the situation is under control.

Quest Objectives

  • Work With Soldiers

Quest Rewards

Work With Soldiers
Work With Soldiers

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