Ravenfell (RoM Zone)  

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Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic Zone Information
TypePublic Outdoor
Expansion Rise of the Demon Lord
Level Range 45 to 50
Connecting Zones Silverspring to the southwest, Weeping Coast to the north
DungeonsTreasure Trove
TownsNameless Port, Abandoned Fortress
ResourcesDragon Beard Root Wood, Mysticite, Green Thistle, Yew, Wizard-Iron Ore, Moon Orchid, Sagewood, Mithril, Straw Mushroom, Tarslin Demon Wood, Silver Ore, Sinners Palm
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This rugged and savannah-like landscape is nearly completely desolate today, but it was once home to the great pirate Snow Blake, who resided in the Nameless Port to the south. Travellers weary from trekking across the wastes will be captivated by the tales of her treachery and swashbuckling on the high seas, and of her hidden treasures.

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