Report To Nalzen (VG Quest)  

Vanguard Quest
AdventuringCraftingDiplomacyWork OrdersLocations
[1]Report To Nalzen
 · Qalia/Hathor Zhi (-15,-10)/Hathor Zhi Fort
 · Diplomacy
Quests starts automatically upon completion of Secret of the Legion or Carefully Chosen Words and Two Edged Sword
Secret of the Legion Dark Elf Diplomacy
Quest Series
Information Withdrawal
Forced Alliance
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Report To Nalzen

Quest Summary

Quest Objectives

Quest Rewards

This quest name appears twice, hence the convoluted Start information, above, and the two quests shown next in the series. The first time you encounter this quest name, the next quest is Information Withdrawal, and the second time the next quest is Forced Alliance.

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