Reservoir Chickens (Defiance Mission)  

Quick Facts
Season One
Type: Hotshot
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 Hotshot: Reservoir Chickens
The chickens near Forbes Hill have contracted a highly-communicable disease, and they need to be taken out before they can spread it. There is an incendiary pistol that will burn away the pathogens.
  • Destroy as many chickens as you can

Pistol Mod Cache

This is the weirdest. You appear on top of a water tower/grain elevator and there are chickens on the railing around the rim. Farmers appear and try to save the chickens from you, in spite of the fact that doing so dooms ALL the chickens in the county.

Each chicked you kill is worth 1 point BUT there is a multiplier (for speed). This said, speed is NOT more important than ACCURACY! Do NOT miss!

Do NOT shoot the farmers, they will cost you 3 points!

You only have two targets in this challenge. There's one chicken that appears on the ground and one that appears on a post a little to the left of this one. Both these chickens are never picked up by the wondering chicken grabbers. What you do is shoot the one on the ground then wait a couple of seconds and shoot the one on the fence then go back to aiming at the spot where the one on the ground spawns and shoot it. After that you wait for the one on the ground to respawn and shoot it again, wait a few seconds and shoot the one on the fence and then go back to the area where the one on the ground appears and shoot it when it spawns. Keep repeating this until you run out of ammo.[1]

Some players report that the above method does not work on PC but does on XBox. This is wrong. Confirmed it DOES work on PC.

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