Retrieve the Book of Tactics (VG Quests)  

Vanguard Quest
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[6]Retrieve the Book of Tactics
 · Qalia/Hathor Zhi (-15,-10)/Hathor Zhi Fort
 · Solo
Speak to Centurion Zaraki at Hathor Zhi Fort.
Retrieve the Book of Tactics

Centurion Zaraki explains, "One of our military strategists, Dreven Aksher, absconded from the Fort. While his departure does not trouble us, his removal of a book describing our tactics does. It will not be tolerated. That book could become our undoing if it falls in the wrong hands."

"Dreven can be found outside of these walls in the canyon. Should you find either him or his abode, retrieve the Book of Tactics."

Quest Summary

You have agreed to find the Book of Tactics, which Dreven Aksher took. His home may be found somewhere in the canyon east of Hathor Zhi Fort. Upon retrieval of the book, return to Centurion Zaraki at Hathor Zhi Fort.

Quest Objectives

Quest Rewards

Coin: 30c 

The Book of Tactics can be found on the ground at -48656,-29300,-10576 near the second collapsed tent from Hathor Sentinel, on the road side of the tent, by the tree.


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