Rift Template Users Guide  

The Rift Template Users Guide is a detailed analysis of all the tools and templates users can use within the ZAM Rift wikibase. Check out the Table of Contents to the Right to find the Template that can help you best.

  • Rift - {{Rift}}, anywhere on a page, adds the page to Category:Rift-Planes of Telara and displays a nice little box on the right side. This is what we call a Game Tag template

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Main Templates

  • Riftitem - link to an item and colorize the link based on the rarity of the item
  • Rift Popular Links - A simple box to contain a list of popular links that are related to an article.
  • Rift Quick Facts - A simple right-aligned box to display at-a-glance basic information and important links for the page.
  • Rift Mob - Displays a header with level and location, used on Rift Mob: pages, especially when the mob has multiple db records with multiple locations.
  • Rift Object - Display basic information about an Object (What is it? Where is it? What's it for?)
  • Rift Encounter - displays basic information about Rifts on their pages.
  • Rift Sliver - displays basic information about Slivers on their pages.
  • Rift Faction - displays basic information about a faction.
  • Rift ZoneInfo - For the top of all Public zones, standardizes the Quick Info and Related Links sections

Tool Templates

  • Rift Coin - Display coin amounts with icons.
  • Rift Library - Displays the text of an in-game book.
  • Rift Edit Version - Tracks the version of an article.
  • Rift Souls List - A menu box with links to all soul pages, for use on all Calling and Soul pages.
  • riftcoord - Displays an X, Y coordinate pair, use this so that IF we get a way to create in-game waypoints we will have the stricture we need in place.


Linkers create links to pages, with additional information, or when we are not sure the page type will stay where it is. Use of linkers is optional. All pages can always by linked to with standard wiki syntax.

  • Riftability - Rift Ability: links
  • Riftachieve - Adds a graphical bullet to the left of the link for Rift Achievement: pages.
  • RiftItem - link to an item and colorize the link based on the rarity of the item
  • RiftMob - Rift Mob: links
  • RiftObject - If we someday get data from Trion for objects using this now could save us a lot of pain then.
  • RiftQuest - Rift Quest:, adds (level) and [quest type flags], used mainly on Quest Series pages
  • Riftrecipe - Rift Recipe: links
  • RiftZone - Rift Zone: links

Event Templates

  • RoS - River of Souls event info box.
  • SoW - Spoils of War event info box.

Handy Global Templates

  • Hint - Add hints into a page in a neat layout.
  • AdminNeeded - Notify an admin that something on the page needs fixing.
  • Stub - Call the page a stub to notify others to help expand its content.
  • Trivia - Add trivia to a page in a neat layout.
  • Credit - Generic credit template when using someone's information (get permission please!).

Special Templates

  • Kira and Uriel - Related to the Kira and Uriel quest chain
  • Scotty - Related to the Scotty quest chain
  • Rift Item - Display basic information about an Item. This will be used very rarely for time-sensitive items (like world event items) between data dumps. Set to turn itself off when it sees the database record.

Unused/Obsolete/Phased Out Templates

  • Template:Rift Other Resources - Links to other Rift-related fansites.
  • Template:Rift Recipe - (Deprecated) The old Recipe infobox Template


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