Rite of Hope (RoM Quest)  

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RoM Quest
[+] Aslan Valley
 [+] Silverfall
  [28] (Epic) Rite of Hope

Expansion: Rise of the Demon Lord
Start: Benny Lawson
End: Benny Lawson

Quest Reward:
 XP: 4,890
 TP: 489
 Gold: 2,112Gold 

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Runes of Magic
Get: Take them all to Benney Lawson (Ggl)

Timesaver! This quest has steps, hunting areas, or mob targets in common with the following quest(s).

Ancient Reference Book The Seductive Dark Pearl
Quest Series
Chapter II: A Mysterious Ancient Text
Rite Ceremony
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Originally this quest told you to get 7 "flacons of grease", but they changed this after later translation passes. Having already gone to the trouble of finding the following definition I felt like leaving it here. My father always said, "Learn something new every day."

OOC Definition of: flacon

A small, often decorative bottle with a tight-fitting stopper or cap.
French, from Old French; see flagon.[1]

  1. ^ The Free Dictionary

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