Rockthorn Gorge (DN Place)  

Quick Facts
Black Mountain Path (Lonely Forest Path)
Easy Level: 24
Abyss Level: 31
Bound Shade
Willful Skeleton Warrior
Speedy Goblin Skeleton
Destructive Skeleton Warrior
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Path: Black Mountain Path (Lonely Forest Path) —> Rockthorn Gorge

For Skeleton in the Closet, the Wife Skeleton is received when you kill the Bound Greed Shade in Stage 2. This also completes Royal Inquisition.

Stage 1

Once a thriving field of grain, this field has gone to seed and hides all manner of ghoulish monsters in its thick, wild growth. There is a depression under a tree on the west side of the first clearing with several boxes and barrels.

At the last area in this stage, there is a graveyard to the side with a metal Treasure Chest. Three ghouls will rise and attack when you open it.

Stage 2

Don't miss the metal Treasure Chest in the weeds by the shack in the second clearing.

In the third clearing (past the first bridge) by the shack is a wooden Treasure Chest among the graves. This time there are no ghouls.

The Shade, here, is the target mob for the Investigating Rockthorn Gorge commission.

Stage 3

First time here, you witness an encounter between the Black Knight, who we now learn is named Velskud, and a man we must assume is Gerrant.

If you have the quest Argenta and the Black Knight, Argenta will be here.

Some of the information on this page originally came from the map tool at during Open Beta.

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