Rozin Sanctuary (DN Place)  

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Edge of Darkness
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See the Rozin Sanctuary Quest Series for all quests based in and around this Town.

Path: Edge of Darkness (Rozin Sanctuary)

The lowest level you can adventure here is 15.


To reach Rozin Sanctuary, go to the Channel change dialog and choose Edge of Darkness on the left, then pick one of the Rozin Sanctuary channels and click Move.

The Rozin Sanctuary is a hidden place where the Priestesses of Darkness use ancient powers to keep the corruption of the Goddess Altea from further damaging the world. In recent days, however, the seals that they use to keep the Goddess’ nightmares from seeping into the world have begun to weaken, letting untold horrors creep into reality. Now the Priestesses have put out a call for mighty adventurers to assist them in keeping the door between reality and nightmare closed.[1]

  • Players must be level 15 to access the Rozin Sanctuary.
  • Players can reach the Rozin Sanctuary by selecting the Edge of Darkness tab on the channel list, then the Rozin Sanctuary channel.
  • Players can enter the dungeon by getting an Abyssal Veil entry pass from Shea, a Priestess of Darkness. Speak to her each day to trigger an achievement and receive 2 Veils in the mail.
  • Players may only receive two Abyssal Veils per day. One pass is used for each entrance.
  • Players will not consume any Empowerment Points to access a dungeon in the Rozin Sanctuary.
  • Players will not obtain any EXP in a dungeon in the Rozin Sanctuary.
  • There is no penalty for leaving the stage, but players will not receive any rewards.[2]

There is a mailbox next to Miliya.

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