Sapper (TR Class)  

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Level Requirement


Tier Path

Recruit, Specialist, Sapper

Available Weapons

Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Leech Guns

Available Skills

Shield Extender, Polarity Gun, Mech Body Armour, Hack and Crab Mines.

Signature Weapon

Polarity guns


Thermodynamics, Genetics


Sappers can use Logos abilities and machines to maximise indirect combat. Area-of-effect options are plentiful, and hit-and-run combat becomes more effective thanks to capable Mech body armour. Sappers are far more offensive in nature than biotechnicians, though they need Logos abilities more acutely than commandos and rangers, and their power consumption is significant. At tier four, sappers either maximise their area-of-effect blasts as demolitionists or pursue a mix of machine maintenance with some attack potential as engineers.

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