Sascilia Steppes (RoM Title Series)  

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Sascilia Steppes
Title Quest Series
Quest SeriesSascilia Steppes
Starting ZoneSascilia Steppes
Rec. Levels15 to 20
Previous Howling Mountains
North Sascilia Steppes
Next Dragonfang Ridge
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Runes of Magic
Title Quest Series

NOTE: Many quests do not appear in any Title Series quest chains, and some quests may appear in more than one.

In some chains, there will be quests that are not required to gain the title but are, nonetheless, a part of the natural flow of the chain. In this case we include the quest name in italics.

If you want to view this zone's quests organized by Places of Interest and the NPCs that start the quests, see North Sascilia Steppes (RoM Quest Series) or South Sascilia Steppes (RoM Quest Series)

This page only covers quests and quest chains that are directly involved in a Quest Title. IF non-involved quests are included for any reason, the quest name will be displayed in italics. Some quests may also appear in more than one Title.

Title: Master of Earth, Fire and Darkness Seals

This story arc stretches across all of the North half of this zone. The three main sections can be started and completed independently.

Reifort Camp
  1. [2] Unexpected Extra Income
  2. [4] An Extra Collection of Songs
Fogur Marsh
  1. [6] Serious Trouble
  2. [7] Research Exchange
  3. [8] The First Item of the Ceremony
  4. [8] The Second Item of the Ceremony
  5. [8] Refining Yellow Juice
  6. [10] The Third Item of the Ceremony
  7. [10] Earth Guardian
  8. [10] The Master of the Seal of Earth
Mentha Caravan
  1. [7] Flame Candle
  2. [8] Red Glitterdust
  3. [9] Fire Core
  4. [10] Fire Guardian
  5. [10] The Master of the Seal of Fire
Ayren Caravan
  1. [12] The Poet's Safety
  2. [12] Delivering the Remnants
  3. [14] The Last Wish
  4. [14] The Darkness Guardian
  5. [14] The Master of the Seal of Darkness

Title: Yazmin's Bosom Buddy

Dramatis Personae: Diboq LienYazminHarnidySinaf

  1. [1] Getting Started Is the Hardest Part (optional) - sends you to Yazmin
  2. [1] Yazmin's Experiment - Kill Jumping Grass
  3. [2] Yazmin's Caravan - Obtain Gazelle Horn (Ggl)s
  4. Yazmin and Harnidy:
  5. [4] Yazmin's Pain - Show Sinaf a rubbing of Yazmin's family stele
  6. [4] Yazmin's Rite of Passage - Ask Yazmin whom she would choose?
  7. [4] Yazmin's Spouse - Tell Harnidy to look at his necklace

Title: Dissi's Nemesis

Dramatis Personae: LeigDissiYazminGujabChocken

  1. [2] Unexpected Extra Income (optional) - sends you to Dissi
  2. [1] Dissi's Task - Retrieve the tools from Yazmin
  3. [1] Dissi's Favor - Return the tools to Dissi
  4. [2] Dissi's Plan - Obtain Gazelle Meat (Ggl)
  5. [3] Dissi's Plot - Deliver supplies to the Southern Barrier
  6. [4] Dissi's Subordinates - Help Gujab fake an illness
  7. [3] Dissi's Gloomy Future - Tell Dissi that Gujab is sick
  8. [4] Dissi's Extra Income - Sell the stolen supplies to Yazmin
  9. [4] Dissi's Comeuppance - Tell the officer at Southern Barrier about Dissi

Title: Rose's Able Assistant

Title: Mentha's Best Companion

Title: Gurla Lunchbox Delivery Boy

Title: Ayren's Joint Defensive Line

Title: Sathkur Treasure Hunter

Oddleg (Sathkur Ruins)

  1. [15] How could there be no tools. - Kill Grassland Drifters and Grassland Plunderers to get 15 Crosspick (Ggl)s
  2. [15] Dirty Cloth - Kill Fogland Swaggers to get 15 Dirty Neck Scarves (Ggl)
  3. [15] Pay Attention to the Mound Under your Feet - Examine 15 Suspicious Stone Tablets
  4. [15] Reap Without Sowing - Kill Fogland Seekers to get 15 Research Note (Ggl)s
  5. [15] "Purchase" Food - Buy food from Fogland Food Seller
  6. [15] We need Light! - Kill Fogland Lurkers to obtain 15 Everglowing Crystal (Ggl)s
  7. [15] Preparations for the Treasure Hunt - Speak to (and fight) Fauntle (Ggl)
  8. [15] The True Situation - Speak to Oddleg
  9. [16][Elite] Sweet Revenge - Kill Blaine
  10. [16] The Dream - Take the Clue to Oddleg
  11. [16][Elite] Another Key - Kill Wild Blade-Ardise
  12. [16] Selling Materials - Talk to Sita at Ziwal's Expedition

Arcane Chamber of Sathkur

Zurhidon Camp

Title: Ziwal Expedition Member

Ziwal's Expedition


Lander Hahok


Expedition Bulletin Board

Ashlar Camp

Pelards Sookla


Karj Goodly

Liej Ashlar

  1. [17] Ashlar Errands

Gojko Dogen

Thyma <Caravan Leader>

Title: Young Treasure Hunter Guild Member

Title: Ashlar Strikeforce Soldier

Jente Pilis

  1. [18] Recovering Lost Love

Tais Delaykess

  1. [18] Secret of the Ruins - Obtain Purple Wing Membranes x10 (Ggl)

Order of Dark Glory Vanguard

  1. [18] Trials of a New Soldier
Hanning Niwana
Available only after all non-elite quests at this camp are complete.
Beli Bakd
  1. [18] Delicious Food - Collect 10 Delicious Crab Meat (Ggl) from Giant Torrent Crabs

Timlod Sid


  1. [20] Soldier's Revenge - Kill Cyclops Berserkers until you find Mark's Necklace (Ggl)


  1. [19] The Threat of the Magical Creatures - Obtain 10 Rock Beast Core (Ggl)s in Dogamor
  2. [19] Magical Material - Obtain 15 Special Magic Rune (Ggl)s frin Dogamor Crates in Dogamor


  1. [19] Rescue the Injured - Save 15 Trapped Mercenaries and Injured Mercenaries in Dogamor

Title: Dogamor Commando Member


Hatte Bured

  1. [20] Stop the Pain - Gather 15 Blackroot Grass
  2. [20] An Important Task - Take the message to Lyk in Dragonfang Ridge and give it to Anya March

Title: Whitefur Ally

Obtain all of the following Titles:

Title: Sascilia Steppes Shepherd

Obtain all of the following Titles:


  • Level I Title badge
  • +75 Stamina
  • +400 Maximum HP

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