Secret Operation (RoM Quest)  

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RoM Quest
[+] Aotulia Volcano
 [+] Steel Bridge of Cremation
  [55] Secret Operation

Expansion: The Elven Prophecy
Start: Ganoda (Ggl) ( 56.4, 66.5 )
Related Items: End: William Hasem (Ggl)

Quest Reward:
 XP: 101,747
 TP: 10,174
 Gold: 4,569Gold 

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Runes of Magic
Set fire to one of the 2 pile of Supplies, then use the Smoke Cylinder to signal Ganoda. When you have done, return to William Hasem. Your disguise will vanish as you leave the Black Snake Camp.

Additional Plans Aotulia Volcano
Quest Series
Steel Bridge of Cremation
Foolish Ganoda
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