Set The Example (VG Quest)  

Vanguard Quest
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[2]Set The Example
 · Thestra/Bordinar's Cleft
 · Solo
Speak to Captain Baerdun Ironguard, just outside Shaletooth Tower
Return to Captain Baerdun Ironguard
Set The Example

Captain Ironguard says, "We've been under siege here off and on for a few weeks, and some of the troops, especially the trainees, are starting to lose their focus. While there is still fight left in their hearts, their bodies are growing tired."

"You did so well against those Grunts that you were almost an inspiration to me! There are kobolds assaulting the guard behind the tower. Why not bash a few of their heads in, and remind those trainees how a dwarf is meant to fight!"

Quest Summary

Inspire three Dwarven Trainees to fight by slaying Gwartak Hillscourers to the southeast of Shaletooth tower, on the slope that leads to Bazad's Bale.

Quest Objectives

Trainees Inspired (0/3)

Quest Rewards

Vale Silk Wrappings , Studded Ram Hide Gloves ,
Shale Forged Gauntlets

Completion Dialogue
Captain Ironguard gives you an approving eye. "THAT is what I like to see! You had those trainees up in such a frenzy that they'll no doubt be fighting for days! Excellent! HAH!"

Captain Ironguard says, "The King has been so wrapped up in defending the walls from the undead that I have had trouble getting experienced troops out this way to help deal with the kobolds. However, it is heartening to know that the Cleft is still full of dwarves who love their home and are willing to fight for it!"

"Take this have more than earned it. While this fight is far from over, I have a feeling in my very bones that you will help defend our home, and drive those kobolds out!"

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