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Skill Training Certificate
Not dropped on PK death
Quest Item
Cannot be sold
(Your contributions are recorded on this certificate.)
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There is a Public Quest, called Invaders from the Sea, in Coast of Opportunity (at Heffner Camp). This quest gives you an Old Bag each time you complete it. When you open the bag, you will find an Elite Skill Training Certificate if you currently need one. If you go and farm this quest early on, you can hold onto the bags and open them as needed to get your Certificates. If you open the bag but you already have all the Elite Skills that your current Primary/Secondary Class pair qualifies for then all you will find inside is a little gold. This can only be done from 15/15 to 50/50. After that you have to see the Grandmasters in Varanas Class Hall.

When both your Primary and Secondary class levels have reached a multiple of 5, from 15 on, you can find a Elite Skills Trainer and gain a new Elite skill for each class. In order to gain your Elite skills, you must perform a task and pay a fee, as shown below. Both your Primary and Secondary Class levels must meet or exceed the level of the skill desired.

Once you have the listed materials on your person, speak to an Elite Skills Master and tell him you want a Training Certificate of the correct level. Once you have received it, hail him and tell him you want to learn a new skill. He will tell you about the skill, and ask you to confirm that you want this skill.

If you want the Elite skill for what is currently your Secondary class, be sure to switch classes before you ask him to teach your new skill! Once done, it cannot be undone and you will need a new Training Certificate to learn the other skill!

For three of the first four levels (15, 20 and 30) the materials are refined harvestables. If you do plan to make them yourself, see Smelting, Extraction, and Woodcrafting.

Note: To make these, you will need 24 Raw material, times 3 materials, for each Certificate, for each 2-class combination. Because you can have 3 classes to choose from this means there are 6 possible combinations and each have unique Elite skills, so think in terms of 18 Tier II Refined or 144 Raw, for each of the three materials, to get you through. Be sure you put these in the bank as you gather them!

With a little foresight, you can have the materials ready to go when you reach the level. You do NOT have to make them yourself, nor do you have to wait till you are ready to use them.

Remember that you will need six Training Certificates, two for each of your three classes, if you want to learn the Elite skills of all. You must train your Elite skills at one level for all of your classes before you can advance to training the next set. For example, you cannot train a level 30 skill until you have all three of the level 25 skills.

Although you can train the skill at any Elite Skill Master (up to 50/50), you can only buy the Training Certificate from the indicated Masters.

Dwarves must speak with Pulin Shadowhammer in Morfantas City to train their Elite skills.

For information about the available skills, see Category:Elite Skills by Primary Class

Free Training Certificates can be obtained by completing Public Encounter Quests to gain an Old Bag. Open the bag ONLY when you have reached the level for a new Elite Skill and you will find a Training Certificate inside! Be warned, if you have not reached the level for a new Elite Skill, all you will find in the bag is some coin. If you open them only when needed, you will need 48 Old Bags to train all eight Elite Skills (lvls 15 to 50 by 5) for all six possible class combinations.

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Lvl 15 Skill Training Certificate

See Listi Pursdon at the Class Hall in the Administration District of Varanas City.

Before you go to the effort of buying this Certificate, check your mailbox. Dwarves, at least, get two Lvl 15 Certificates for free in the mail.

Lvl 20 Skill Training Certificate

See Listi Pursdon at the Class Hall in the Administration District of Varanas City.

Lvl 25 Skill Training Certificate

See Fay Akjad outside the Forsaken Abbey in Silverspring.

  • 20,000Gold 
  • If your Secondary class is Knight, Priest, Druid or Warden:
  • If your Secondary class is Scout or Rogue:
  • If your Secondary class is Mage or Warrior:
The Crystals are all drops from many of the mobs in the Forsaken Abbey.

Lvl 30 Skill Training Certificate

See Menqid Beman in Silverfall in Aslan Valley.

Lvl 35 Skill Training Certificate

See Sisileena Chab outside the Necropolis of Mirrors in Aslan Valley.

The Essences are all drops from mobs in the Necropolis of Mirrors.

Lvl 40 Skill Training Certificate

See Belin Pursdon in Obsidian Stronghold.

Lvl 45 Skill Training Certificate

See Belin Pursdon in Obsidian Stronghold.

Lvl 50 Skill Training Certificate

See Sigg Fletcher at the Class Hall in the Administration District of Varanas in Silverspring.

Note: At 50/50 you only need one certificate, as you will get both skills at the same time.

Elite Skills Quest Series

Sigg Fletcher &bill; D'monk Jarfur

  1. [50] Brand New Skills - Talk to D'monk Jarfur in Central Plaza of 99Varanas (RoM Zone)]]
  2. [50] Fearlessness of the Arkana - Get drops from specific mobs in Paspar's Shrine and Necropolis of Mirrors
  3. [50] Ambition of the Arkana - Get drops from specific mobs in Ystra Labyrinth, then use them against mobs in Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom and Mystic Altar
  4. [50] Memory of the Arkana - Get "memories" from specific mobs in Treasure Trove, Paspar's Shrine and Kalin Shrine
  5. [50] Wisdom of the Arkana - Get drops from specific mobs in Winternight Valley and Kalin Shrine
  6. [50] Toughness of the Arkana - Get drops from specific mobs in Royal's Refuge and Dust Devil Canton
  7. [50] Most Important Part - Talk to Serre Majik of the Eye of Wisdom to learn how to proceed
  8. Class-specific Quests:

Lvl 60 Skill Training Certificate

Lvl 70 Skill Training Certificate

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