Southern Janost Forest (RoM Quest Series)  

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Southern Janost Forest
Quest Series
Starting ZoneSouthern Janost Forest
Rec. Levels57 to 58
Previous Thunderhoof Hills
Next Northern Janost Forest
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This page refers to content that was introduced with the expansion, Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms.
Runes of Magic
Quest Series

Daily Quests

Daily Quest Summary
LevelQuestEnding NPCStart LocationNeedsXP
58Sharptooth Meat PreparationAgnes BojarKandorSharptooth Meat x5 (Ggl) from Janost Sharpteeth122,793
58Misty Grove's White ZoysiaAgnes BojarKandorWhite Zoysia x10 (Ggl)122,793
58FishingAgnes BojarKandorReed Fish x10 (Ggl) using Fishing Rod (Ggl) in Lake Kondor122,793
58The Staple Food is Kado TaroAgnes BojarKandorKado Taros x10 (Ggl)122,793
58Hard ShellsBulica WeirMisty GroveBoneface Beetle Shell x5 (Ggl) from Grinning Beetles122,793
58The Unbearable AttackLorcus LaithMisty GroveTooth Necklace x10 (Ggl) from Rh'anka122,793
58Scattered TimberLorcus LaithMisty GroveMisty Grove Timber x10 (Ggl)122,793
Expensive Leather ClothesGeorge VuittonShadorJavias Scale x10 (Ggl) from Javias'122,793
Recipe for Jasmini No.5Jasmini YellShadorChupura Herb x10 (Ggl) from Blood Clawed Chupuras122,793
Deadly PoisonSaleen KeenanShadorPoisonous Rotworm Acid x10 (Ggl) from Poisonous Rotworms122,793
58Magnork Gold CoinsAntil JanTomb Researchers' CampOld Gold Coins x10 from Tomb Robbers122,793
58The Lost KingdomNicole OliverraTomb Researchers' CampOld Handicraft x10 (Ggl) from Handicraft inside Alimus' Tomb122,793
58Graverobber's PunishmentNicole OliverraTomb Researchers' CampKill 10 Tomb Robbers122,793
58Get Rid of Even More Disgusting InsectsNanny MariaRuin Researchers' CampSigg Lurker's Foreleg x5 (Ggl) from Sigg Lurkers122,793
58More Clothes LinesNanny MariaRuin Researchers' CampCommon Vine x5 (Ggl) from Wandering Vines122,793
58Even More Lavender SprigsNanny MariaRuin Researchers' CampLavender Sprig x5 (Ggl) from Man-eating Plants122,793
58Heartless DemonsDispirited TomWarnorken CastleBloodied Badge x10 (Ggl) from Warnorken Soldiers122,793
58RedemptionDispirited TomWarnorken CastleBurn 10 Victim's Corpses and defeat the Revenant of a Killed Person (if one rises)122,793
58RescueDispirited TomWarnorken CastleGet Bloodstained Key (Ggl) from Warnorken Security Officers and rescue 10 Prisoners122,793

Multi-Zone Quest Series

Public Quests

Arde Camp


  1. [57] A Friendly Message - Carry a message to Kukry in Northern Janost Forest
  2. [57] Bad Neighbors - Speak to Dachacha Mantiswing in Rh'anka Village
  3. [57] Skull Notice - Kill Griffoth Blackstar the Corrupted Centaur and take his Skull Necklace (Ggl)


Namoc Keyr

  1. [57] Unrequited Love - Talk to Felicia Attik
  2. [57] The Language of Flowers - Pick a Liguapectoris (Ggl) for Felicia Attik, speak to her and return
  3. [57] Liguapectoris - Present the Petal of a Liguapectoris (Ggl) to Felicia Attik
  4. [57] Journey Preparations - Fetch four items for Namoc Keyr
  5. [57] Felicia's Gift - Talk to Felicia Attik

Watchtower Maintenance Worker - unlocked by completing Follow Firefly's Footsteps in the Return the Glory quest series

Misty Grove

Logan Kaedir

  1. [57] The Overseer's Special Equipment - Find three items in Misty Grove
  2. [57] Inspection of the Woodlands - Protect Scott jethro as he inspects Misty Grove

Woodcutting Foreman


  1. [57] Wandering Chupura - Kill 10 Sly Chupura


Skinny Villager

Pious Villager

Tomb Researchers' Camp

Nica RobinsonAnkah JonesEllenaAcklorn ResidentOld Acklorn Chief

  1. [57] Tomb Robber - Get Alimus' Relics (Ggl)
  2. [57] Doubt -
  3. [57] A Family Heirloom -
  4. [57] Painful Memories -
  5. [57] Violent Truth -
  6. [57][Group] Blood Debt - Kill Blind Hackman outside Alimus' Tomb
  7. [57] Forgotten Memories -

Ailic's Community Announcer

Antil Jan - unlocked after Urgent Venture from Morrock Wallinder

Nicole Olivarra - unlocked after Urgent Venture from Morrock Wallinder

Ruin Researchers' Camp

Maya Zealander

Nanny Maria

Alimus' Tomb

Ruins of the Magnork Kingdom

  1. [60] Great Discovery - Find Hiran Boduel
  2. Hiran Boduel
    1. [60] Lost Document - Find Hiran's Research Notes (Ggl)
    2. [60] Respect the Ruins - Kill 10 Barbariv marauders
    3. [60] Another Base - Speak with Otto Sheeso
    4. [60][Group] Amboriar - Kill Amboriar and retrieve Parts of Amboriar (Ggl)

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