Sulfur Fortress (Aion Place)  

Sulfur Fortress
Sulfur Fortress
LocationReshanta / Sulfur Archipelago
ConnectionsSulfur Archipelago
Flight?Free-flight and gliding are allowed here.
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To find this Place in-game, use /where Sulfur Fortress

This Place is a quest hub in the Reshanta Quest Series.


Contains the entrance to the Sulfur Tree Nest.

If your faction owns the fort several NPCs will be available inside, including a Quartermaster that sells Morphing Recipes, a Warehouse Manager, and a Teleporter NPC. There will also be an NPC inside that offers repeatable quests in this area.

All Lower Layer fortresses have a Postern Gate which, while heavily guarded, is the best way to enter and assault the fortress.

Artifact NameLocationEffect
Tenebrous CloakIsland West and above the Fortress
Abyssal AegisIsland North and above the Fortress
Daevic EffluxIsland East and above the Fortress
Kerubic MetamorphosisIsland South and above the FortressTransforms all enemy players into Kerubs.
Abyssal AuraNear East side of Fortress
A multi-Legion assault on the Deity General of Sulfur Fortress
A multi-Legion assault on the Deity General of Sulfur Fortress

Special items sold

This fortress sells two unique categories of morph scrolls (other fortresses sell other unique morph method scrolls).

Morph method scrolls:

  • Betua log
  • Koa log
  • Ulmus log

Flux morphing scrolls for weapons, armor and accessories:

  • Flux
  • Greater flux
  • Major
  • Worthy major
  • Fine
  • Worthy fine

For details of flux levels see: Flux

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