Summoning Phagrasul (Aion Quest)  

Beluslan Quest Series
Asmodian Only
Can be shared.
Can be abandoned.
Start Zone: Beluslan
Start Place: Red Mane Cavern
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Talk with Chieftain Akagitan in Beluslan at Red Mane Cavern.
Level 42 Summoning Phagrasul
  1. Tap on the Skull in Mamut Graveyard to summon and talk with the soul of Gigantic Phagrasul (PW/AA).
  2. Dispose of Mamut Souls
 Basic Reward
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Quest Notes

The skull is at the very southwest end of Mamut Graveyard, and it is so huge you cannot possibly miss it.

The Mamut Souls can use Soul Emission, decreasing your movement speed and Silencing you!

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