Take It To Them (VG Quest)  

Vanguard Quest
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[1]Take It To Them
 · Thestra/Bordinar's Cleft
 · Solo
Speak to Captain Baerdun Ironguard, just outside Shaletooth Tower
Return to Captain Baerdun Ironguard
Take It To Them

Gate Captain Baerdun Ironguard looks at you and says, "Made it through the kobolds, did you? HAH! Just goes to prove those curs are no match for a good dwarf, doesn't it? Ten kobolds to one dwarf, I always say!"

"Actually, I think that's the kobolds' idea, too. There's a few recruit guards that have been fighting back the kobold waves, making sure others can get through - like yourself. Let's lend them a hand. Those Grunts are no-good backstabbers...take out as many as you can!"

Quest Summary

Slay Gwartak Grunts found just south of Shaletooth Tower and return to Captain Ironguard upon completion

Quest Objectives

Gwartak Grunts (0/8)

Quest Rewards

Coin 10 

Completion Dialogue
Captain Ironguard laughs, "You almost looked like a real kobold slayer down there! Well done! We'll have them trampling each other in panic with someone like you around!"

Captain Ironguard says, "Hear me out, . You've got the heart of a true dwarf in your chest - no doubt of that in my mind. But, bear this in mind...I have lived out in these mountains for nearly my whole life. Heck, I barely remember what the inside of the Cleft looks like. But I have never, not in all my time, seen this many kobolds make such a coordinated attack."

"Whatever they are up to, we're going to thwart. We'll show them that the Cleft belongs to the dwarves, and no one else!"

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