Technique of Capturing Alive (RoM Quest)  

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RoM Quest
[+] Yrvandis Hollows
 [+] Sinther Camp
  [8] Technique of Capturing Alive

Expansion: Fires of Shadowforge
Start: Burjnaada Karsht
Related POIs: Related Mobs: Related Items: End: Burjnaada Karsht

Quest Reward:
 XP: 228
 TP: 22
 Gold: 445Gold 
Your choice of one of the following

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Runes of Magic
Get 3 Inanimate Dark Energy Puppets (Ggl)

Weaken a Dark Energy Puppet (to 30% health or less), then use the Psychedelic Animal Cage (Ggl) to capture it. If it is at less than 5% (or so) the capture will fail as the creature is too weak to survive!

When you kill a Dark Energy Puppet (if you do by accident), it them may drop a Shabby Bag. Be sure to pick it up! The Handcrafted Iron Necklace (Ggl) inside starts the quest Lost and Found!

Yrvandis Hollows
Quest Series
Sinther Camp
Technique of Capturing Alive - Daily
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