This template makes it possible for us to link skills NOW without worrying whether we might get a db one day and have to edit them all manually. Later, if we get a namespace, one edit, here, will fix all of them!

Further, we are NOT creating pages for all skills in Aion. This template tests if the page exists, links to it IF IT DOES, else it just displays the name in bold, avoiding redlinks.

Also, ranked skills are tested against the base skill name, and linked or not on that basis. So "Flame Harpoon II" will link to Flame Harpoon, while displaying Flame Harpoon II, but only if the page at Flame Harpoon exists. the code supports ALL roman numerals made up of I, V, and X. Any other character will not match, so ranks of I to XXXIX (1 to 39) will match, but XL (40) and above will not.

grouping= is for defining a prefix, displayed as "grouping: " before the skill name.

Usage: {{AionPlace|skillName|alternateName|minPoints|grouping=}}

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