Info from Beta!
The information on this page was gathered during Beta and may change before going Live.

Once confirmed in the live game, feel free to remove the {{Beta}} tag from this page.
Use {{Beta|gameid|updateid|nolink=}} at the top of any page that contains data gathered during a game Beta.

Default value for ''gameid, if not specified, is EQ2.

updateid is a numeric value, ONLY! For games that use a character prefix, omit the prefix and the template will supply it. Additionally, updateid needs to be a regular decimal number (like 22 or 22.5237) and not a full version number (like

This template calls GameUpdateCheck to see if the updateid is equal to or greater than the latest live version of the game (using GameUpdateID). If it is not (i.e. the current Live version id is greater than the updateid that this Beta tag is referring to) then the Beta tag is considered to be obsolete and is suppressed. This means that we do NOT have to go back and edit every Beta page to remove the Beta tag after launch.

Unless nolink= is non-blank, all content displaying this tag will be added to a category under Category:Beta Information.

Many games (such as EQ2) use specific tags for this, creating a new tag for each new major release and editing the tag's template to track the update through Beta to Live. This template is not for use on those games.

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