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(optional) The type of Item record. Default (blank or undefined) will work but really expects the item to be some kind of Weapon at that point.
Questoffers/requiredby used
CollectibleSimple message set. If the item comes from
Mastery TomeStarter/Reward for/from L&L Quests. Boilerplate description used.
MaterialCrafting Material, display cyan message with materialtier
AdornmentSpecific difference in use of adornslot
Component, Trash, Treasure, Curiosity, Antique, TrophyDescription and flags are the main display here. Curiosity, Antique and Trophy will preface the description with some boilerplate.
Food, DrinkStock message used regarding Health/Power Regen
Cloth, Leather, Chain, PlateArmor. Uses the 2-column display.
default (all else)Displays the 2-column middle block. Exact type should still be what you want displayed, they just all display in the same manner. So, Sword, Staff, Shield, Charm, Symbols, etc., are all good.
one of TSO, SF, etc. Use the EXACT same abbreviation as is used for the Expansion tag, such as {{TSO}} or {{SF}}. You can even use a GU tag such as GU55. The highest-level tag should be used, tho, as it only adds it to the one category! Do not use GU55 for stuff that requires SF.
The in-game item code between the aITEM link. For example,
If you have this: \aITEM 984972871 -1396720837 0:Vindicator Soren's Brutal Bladed Katar\/a
Do this: itemid=984972871 -1396720837 0
attuneable through pvp
(switch) Any value other than blank means it is whatever the switch says it is.
attuneableCan be traded, sold, given, whatever, until it is Attuned (What other games call "Bind on Equip").
loreYou can only have one. Inventory, Bank and Shared Bank are all checked.
houseloreYou can only have one of these in a home.
loreequipYou can only Equip one but you can have more than one in Inventory or Banks.
heirloomMay be given to alts through Shared Bank, even after being Attuned, but may not be given to other players.
notradeMay not be given to others nor stored in your Shared Bank
novalueMay not be sold to Vendors.
temporaryMay not be removed from the current zone (this used to be called "NORENT")
ornateCannot be modified by Adornments or other methods.
appearanceonlyMay only be equipped in Appearance slots.
pvpPvP servers only. Will not appear on non-PvP servers, nor can it be moved with a toon to a non-PvP server.
Type of the adornment. If armor, weapon, accessory, etc., this tells you what kind of Adornment you need (i.e. White or Red)
(optional) Used only of this is an Adornment and tells, for the item you want to attach the adornment to, what slot the item will have to be.
slots= |(commalist) Where can the item be equipped? Can be more than one, such as "slots=Secondary,Ranged" minlevel=
(optional) The minimum level this item can be equipped or used.
(commalist) List of Classes that can use the item, exactly as it appears in-game, such as "classes=All Mages, All Priests, Paladin, Shadowknight". This field is currently just displayed as is but we want to keep the commalist format clean for future use.
iconnum= appimgnum=
(optional) Upload icons and appearance pictures to the wiki media tab. The wiki will assume the first image is the appearance picture. Put the image number of the icon for "iconnum=" and (if needed) the image number of the appearance picture for "appimgnum=". If you want to override an automatic picture you can make iconnum or appimgnum = x.
If the item is part of a defined set, put the set name here. Do not include the work "set".
(optional) Rent Status Reduction Amount. used only on some House and Guildhall items.
satiation=, duration=
(optional) for Food & Drink only.
For type=Material, this is the crafting tier. 1=1-9, 2=10-19... 9=80-90
(switch) If this is not blank then relquests and/or relcollections indicates the quest or collection this comes from, else they indicate membership.
(commalist) If the item offers one or more quests, name them here.
(commalist) If the item is required by one or more quests or collections, name them here. This field will default to the eq2 collection namespace unless Type=Quest.
Note: If requiredby=offers you must fill in both fields so the template knows how to display it.
(optional, commalist) A list of all of any objects you can get this item from, such as a specific bookcase to get an L&L book.
(optional, commalist) A list of all of the mobs this are known to drop this item.
(optional, commalist) A list of quests that have this item in the list of possible rewards, static or optional.
(optional, commalist) For type=Collectible ONLY, this is a list of collections that this item is rewarded from. See requiredby=' to indicate membership.

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