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  • 11/24/08 - All Language pages have been moved to Categories to allow for auto-linking with quest pages using LangReq

Usage: {{EQ2 Language|who=|quest=|vendors=|pricep=|priceg=|prices=|pricec=|player=}}


Fully describe, with links, who speaks this language.
Name of the quest, if any, to get this language
If not blank, this language is learned by completing a series of quests starting with the quest named above by quest=. NOTE: If used, you need to define a Quest Series section after the Related Quests.
If y or Y, this will link to Language Sellers. Else, if not blank, just display it. Usually this would be the link to the seller or sellers. Use full linking.
pricep=, priceg=, prices=, pricec=
Only if vendors= is used, and optional, but if provided these will be used to call EQ2 Coin
If not blank, this language is also a possible starting language for players of the appropriate race.

All pages that use this template will be listed in Category:EQ2 Languages

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