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Due to changes in the new DB, this template is being disabled. The new "Classifications" field in the db will make this template redundant. -Bludwyng

Use this template at the bottom of a mob description to tag the mob as a member of a racial group for purposes of quests that require killing of a certain type of mob. This can be used on every mob page.

Any supplied type will be over-ridden by EQ2 MobRaceType if the race is known to that template.

Usage: {{EQ2 Mob Race|race|type|boss=}}


REQUIRED: Racial grouping, such as Animation, Spider, Lizard, Ape, Iksar, Sarnak, Dark_Elf, etc.
OPTIONAL: A grouping that a specific race might be a member of, such as Sentient, Animal, Insect, Planar or Magical. Many types are pre-defined in EQ2 MobRaceType.
boss= |If defined and not blank, add this mob to Category:EQ2 Racial Bosses

See: Category:EQ2 Mob Races

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