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Point of Interest
We do not have an image for this POI. Please upload one!
Zone zone needed!
Discovery? unknown

Place this tag at the top of all POI pages.


{{EQ2 POIInfo

zone is the ONLY required field.


(DEPRECATED) Image Number. This should ONLY be used with an image uploaded via the Media tab, and the image should be NO LARGER than 250px wide! The POIInfo box should expand to fit, but not sure it will look very good doing it! (This field is no longer needed because we have a way to retrieve the top-most image on the current page now. From now on, use this field ONLY if the image you want is attached to a page other than the current page or more than one POI shares the same name so you need to handle 2 images.)
Name of the zone. Proper capitalization is important!
Expansion. DEPRECATED. expansion is now retrieved from the DB based on zone
Used ONLY if the DB record for the zone is not found, this is a code which identifies the expansion. SF=Sentinel's Fate, etc. If expcode IS defined but is not a recognized expcode it will display it exactly as given but will not add the page to a category for the expansion. This is for GU codes (such as GU63).
If not blank, this location is a Quest Hub in the Quest Series named by this field. You do NOT have to add Quest Series to the name... the template handles that in the link. it also assumes that the name of this page IS the name of the hub in the series, and sub-links to that location.
y,Y,yes or Yes is "Yes"; n,N,no or No is "No"; anything else is "unknown".
a brief text description of where this POI can be found.
The output of a /loc command, preferrably rounded to the nearest whole integers, in the form: loc=x,y,z| No spaces are required. If this field is blank the page will be added to Category:EQ2 POIs with no loc, unless the db record has the loc. If the db record has the loc this field is completely ignored and is not displayed.
The EQ2Map uid, if known. This will provide an icon that, when clicked, will take you to the EQ2Map page for that POI.
(optional) Name of the Exploration Achievement this POI is listed in, if any.

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