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This template performs the following actions at the top of all wiki panels that appear on Quest pages:

  1. IF the page is blank AND category (via #db) is City Tasks, then display info on how to use the CityTask template.
  2. Add the page to Category:EverQuest II and Category:EQ2 Quests
  3. If quest_type is defined in the DB and quest_type is not blank, add the page to Category:EQ2 quest_type Quests
  4. If the quest is Repeatable and is NOT a City Task, add the page to Category:EQ2 Repeatable Quests
    • ALL City Tasks are, by definition, Repeatable so we do not bother to put them in both categories.
  5. If the quest_type is Access, display a note explaining that MOST Access quests are no longer required to access the zones they were previously keyed for.

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