This template is called by Aion Mob, and others, but may be used directly. This template takes a comma-delimited list with no links, and turns it into a comma-delimited list of links. If you need a comma list converted to a vertical, unordered, list with links, see RelList.

Usage: {{LinkList|gameid|type|list||nodisplay=|extra1=}}

This is broken, and I am not sure I want to spend the time to fix it. It should be replaced by calls to #commalist, anyway. See Category:Pages using LinkList.

This function makes it possible to use a comma-delimited list for a field, such as a place or zone, that MAY have multiple entries, instead of an explicitly-linked list, making it easier to enter a list in a template call or table.

This can also be valuable in tables and such to cut down on all the manual-linking, for example:

  • {{LinkList|Aion|Place|Verteron Citadel,Verteron Swamp,Tolbas Village}}

You can use this to create category links, as well:

type is one of a number of defined record types. Examples of valid values are "Quest", "Mob" and "Item", but other values are possible.

This template calls a Game Link Template to do the final wrap. If the Game Link Template does not have a definition for the given gameid and type, then the exploded record name is simply returned without linking.

nodisplay= suppresses the output of any additional characters, like the comma-space between fields. This should be used only with Category types such as MZ, MP, OZ, etc. This will not suppress the output of the "More..." message if the max items per list is exceeded.

extra1= is used only for specific values of type to hold extra things. One example is FFXI's Activities, which passes the area number in this field.

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