This template is called by RelList and LinkList

Usage: {{ListParse|gameid|type|list1|list2|list3|listcount=|prefix=|suffix=}}

Calls ListParse1, ListParse2, or ListParse3, depending on listcount.

type is one of a number of defined record types. Examples of valid values are "Quest", "Mob" and "Item", but other values are possible.

If the Game Link Template does not have a definition for the given gameid and type, then the exploded record name is simply returned without linking.

Currently, only 10 items are supported in the list, but this is easily expanded if needed. If an eleventh item is seen, this template will display the message More... as the 11th line in the list.

prefix= and suffix= are simply passed through to the next level.

list2 and list3 are used only for certain types, such as Item, to hold a list of Item Quality codes that exactly matches the sequence of the items in list. For FR Item, the second list is for gender.

listcount= makes it possible for us to pass along to the correct sub-template, and allows the compilation to be conditional, saving considerable compile time. Listcount MUST have a value. If it is blank or 0 (zero) this template will exit with no further actions.

This way, we only do the processing for list2 and list3 when they are actually used!

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