• race - name of the race
  • plural - (Optional) Plural name of the race. If omitted, race + s is assumed.
  • book - title of the book
  • trophy - name of the trophy reward
  • bid - book id at The Athenaeum
  • bwhere - where the book can be found. Presume that "This book can be found " precedes it and a period will follow it.
  • fbook - name of the furniture version of the book
  • auto1 to auto3 - The names of the auto-updates
  • body1 to body5 - The names of the body part items. Linking will be added by the template.

NOTE: 2 fields, auto and body, are deprecated but will still function as the previously did so there is no need to go back and redo the older quests.

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The Relentless
Arasai Defiler
Lucan D'Lere
EverQuest II
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