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When you are reporting a coin amount, such as in a cost section, you can use this template to keep the output consistent. It will also put the amounts in the same colors used in-game, which looks real nice.

About the real-world value of Diamonds: When not on-sale, Diamond packages range from 105d/$5.99 to 3,150d/$99.99 yielding a range for per-diamond value from $.06/d to $.0317/d. We have chosen to use the median of 473d/$19.99 ($.042/d). Of course, when Ganeforge holds a diamond sale the price is, frequently, half that and all smart players will stock up on diamonds only when they are on-sale.

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This template uses 5 numerical parameters, thus simplifying the call.

  1. (Optional) Gold Amount
  2. (Optional) Diamonds Amount (also shows real world Dollars based on $39.99/1000 diamonds unless nodollars= is non-blank)
  3. (Optional) Rubies Amount
  4. (Optional) Phirius Token Coins Amount
  5. (Optional) Honor Points Amount (earned via PvP in the Arena)
  6. (Optional) Ancient Mementos (dropped by Bosses in Heart of the Ocean)

Calling Format

{{RoM Coin|gold|diamonds|rubies|phirius_tokens|honor_points|ancient_mementos|nodollars=}}


Example: {{RoM Coin|5}}

  • outputs: 5Gold 
Example: {{RoM Coin||299}}
  • outputs: 299Diamonds ($12.56) 
Example: {{RoM Coin|||1}}
  • outputs: 1Rubies 
Example: {{RoM Coin||||100}}
  • outputs: 100Phirius Token Coins 
Example: {{RoM Coin|||||14778}}
  • outputs: 14,778Honor Points 
Example: {{RoM Coin|8000|||||30}}
  • outputs: 8,000Gold 30Ancient Mementos 

This item will cost 5Gold  at any Alchemy Supplies merchant.

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