Template:Station Cash  


This template is devalued, but will put things into the right categories. Please use {{Daybreak Cash}] instead.

Use {{Daybreak Cash|gameid|price|set=|eq2x=|vault=|vaultdate|nolink=}} on any Item page that can be purchased with Daybreak Cash.


If defined, will link to the item that this record comes from. An example of use would be on a piece of appearance armor to include the name of the crate the armor came from.


OBSOLETE If eq2x=y, then the EQ2X logo and text will appear as well, stating that it is only available on EQ2 Extended servers. Places them in Category:Extended Only Station Cash Items (will now state it's no longer available)


Use vault=y if item is temporarily removed from the Marketplace to go into the "vault".
Straight text value; will only display if vault=y. Example: vaultdate=10/2/2011


Putting anything in this field will make the Daybreak Cash icon display. Prices were formerly displayed here but the values are now hidden due to the ever-fluxuating market.

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