You can view a video related to this at YouTube.

Usage: {{YTVideo|gameid|youtubeID|subject|nocat=}}

Default subject is "related to this". Be sure that if you use this field you duplicate that place in the sentence. An example might be "of this battle" or "walkthrough of this quest"

IF nocat= is NOT blank, do NOT link this page to Category:YouTube Videos (FR). This is used for the example on this page, below.

If you want to embed the youtube video player directly in the page, don't use this template! We have a link type specifically for this!

Example: [[youtube:mH9TniqXhmI]]


{{YTVideo|FR|mH9TniqXhmI|about teaching your pet to speak}}

You can view a video, about teaching your pet to speak, at YouTube.
{{YTVideo|Aion|4yeUh3JGAlg|introducing the Sorcerer archetype}}
You can view a video, introducing the Sorcerer archetype, at YouTube.

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