Temporal Stone (Aion Design)  

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Design: Temporal Stone
Alchemy Skill (199p)

Teaches how to make Temporal Stone.

Required Materials

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Materials Chart:

Total Parts: Elemental Stone (80), Catalyst (91) (PW/AA), and Aether Crystal (16).

This is not a hard item to make, although 80 Elemental Stone may set you back unless you have been hording them since day 1.

Design: Temporary Stone: purchased with 1500 "Abyss Points" in Teminon Landing

This item is required by the quest Fragment of Memory.

The item, Essence of Time and Space (PW/AA), says it "infuses the Temporal Stone with magic", but it is not in the materials list. It costs 182,952 Kinah , from Aririnirerk, a General Goods Merchant in New Heiron gate.

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