The Adventures of Maka - by Horsemouth (WoW)  

When Maka came to he was in Ironforge. He had no idea how he got here. 'No matter," he thought, 'I'll figure out that black out later.' Looking around Maka saw one of his guild mates. A fearsome DK who wanted help in hunting down and killing Kel'Thezud. As Maka mulled it over he had the haunting thought that he did this last week and that the beast hadn't died or maybe it was another dream.

Confused and still shaking off the stupor in which he awoke Maka agreed. After a short time Maka and Gon had assembled a worthy party to slay the foul necromancer. Luckily several of the party where near the lair of the beast and a had a warlock slave they used to summon the party from the far reaches of the world.

Heading into the depths of Naxxaramas the adventures fought many patchwork creations. In a small circular room after slaying a giant dog monster and his zombie chew toys an undead shade a rose amidst the chaos of battling some giant men and made for a priest standing in the back. Maka quickly thinking taunted it with a fearsome roar. After killing all the assorted beasts Maka noticed a shine on the shade's remains. 'At last I have found you,' he shouted to the others. Curious they asked what it was hoping to a man it was something for them. It wasn't. It was a simple curio one of the scourge had dropped. Maka had an arraignment with a man back in Dalaran and could combine the curio with a few cheap gems for great profit.

It was a good day for Maka.

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