The Case of the Missing... Pooky (Zork Quest)  

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  • Level: 10
This quest is started automatically when you reach level 10.

Go to the Frostham base, there is a message waiting for you there.

  1. Go to the mountains to the south (Flathead Mountains) and find poor, tired, scared little Pooky.
  2. You find a Grue chew toy. The tracks (large and small) lead down into a dark and shadowy forest.
  3. Almost moronically you miss your chance to catch Pooky (a Yipple) and he darts towards The White Cliffs. Next time, use the squeaky toy.
  4. The yipple was named Wilbur, and he just became a snack for a cute, massive, white furred Abominable Snowman with white fur, a black patch over one eye and sign hanging around its neck that says "Pooky". Time to head back to Frostham, squeaking that top, and praying he follows.
  5. You barely survive the return trip, arriving battered and torn, but alive.

Reward: 3Coconuts 

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