The Copperwaste (CoS Zone)  

Quick Facts
Type: Wilderness
Within: Arkadia


Common Mobs (99)

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City of Steam

Every Wilderness zone can be entered for PvE or PvP. In the PvE version some monsters may drop Minor Energy Bars, while in the PvP version you may find Major Energy Bars and Metal. Of course Shillings may be found in both. The mob population and map will be the same in both versions, but quests may be completed only in the PvE version. Collectibles drop in both versions.

Copperwaste is the exception to the above rules. There is no PvE version.

Although the mobs are all level 99, fear not! Your Power, Damage, Health and Steam will all receive enormous boost effects making it possible for you to hunt here.

Mobs in this zone will drop all grades of Trade Goods and Collectibles from all regions.

Given the huge buffs you receive here, it is highly recommended you reduce your auto-consume threshhold for Health Quaffs to zero when hunting here. If you do not, you will burn through every health pot you have.

Metal Panic

2.3.3 introduced [Daily] Metal Panic which put this zone in the toilet. All four daily versions of this quest (level 20 to 50 by tens) sends all players to this zone to kill a stack of skeletons for drops. The rewards are enticing enough that everyone wants to do as many of them as they can every day. It takes forever to do all 5 quests and all that time high-level Player-Killers skim the zone like sharks picking off players for "Honor".


The bosses in this zone can drop Purple and Orange gear. The level of the gear you get depends on your level at the time.

  • We assume the lower levels continue with the same pattern
  • 40-44: level 40
  • 45-49: level 45
  • 50-54: level 50
  • 55-59: level 55
  • 60: level 60
One to three Maestros will spawn every hour on the half hour. A single Skeleton Prince spawns every four hours on the hour (midnight, 4 am, 8 am, noon, 4 pm and 8 pm).

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