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This page refers to content that was introduced with the expansion, Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms.
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Chapter III is now live!

Monday, May 17th Frogster took all servers down for 24 hours to implement the final step to Chapter III and right on time on May 18th the servers came back up. If you play many MMORPGs that alone is a miraculous feat! Now, let the explorations begin! The race to 60 is on!

Phase One: The King's Call

Patch 3.0.0

With the final fight against Sirloth, the Demon Lord himself, Runes of Magic opens another chapter after Rise of the Demon Lord and The Elven Prophecy in the history of Taborea.

While the people of Taborea rest after the demonic threat is beaten, a call for help sounds across the seas of the North. The ancient kingdom of Dalanis, ruled by King Callaway, is on the verge of chaos, torn apart by rebellion. The heroes that once fought alongside the legendary King Kalume, who united the lands against the demons, have long since perished.

The airship sent by the king's court is awaiting the brave heroes of Taborea so as to take them across the ocean to save this ancient civilization from destruction.

In Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms, you become part of the epic saga!

Many new challenges await you on the new continent. Let your character experience new adventures and reach the next level cap (Level 60)!

Enjoy the expanded skill system, allowing for more specialized characters and giving you more tactical options to master even the hardest fights.

Explore three new huge cities in all their glory, and equip yourself for all the tasks at hand.

Fight against other players on the new Tyrefen-Mountains battlefield, climb to the top of the PvP ladder and earn yourself valuable rewards with the revamped Battlefield Reward System.

Or venture into the depths of new instances, trying your courage battling mighty enemies, taking their possessions — powerful weapons and armor — as reward.

With Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms, guilds will be able to besiege the opponent's castle with new siege weapons. New guild quests are to be mastered, and new castle extensions will ensure that your guild will be victorious in the coming guild-vs-guild wars.

But despite all the fighting, loving couples will finally be able to take the vow. The long-awaited wedding chapel will be opened to all Taboreans.[1]


  • Level Cap raised to 60
  • Hundreds of new quests
  • Expanded skill system
  • Three impressive new cities
  • A new Battlefield: Tyrefen Mountain Range
  • Many new instances such as the Dungeon of Dalanis
  • PvP ranking system
  • Battlefield reward system
  • Introduction of insstance difficulty levels
  • Three new minigames
  • Marriage system
  • New types of mounts which can carry two players simultaneously
  • Further building upgrades for guild castles
  • New guild quests
  • New guild drill grounds
  • New runes
  • Card stats system - They are adding stat boosts to Monster Compendium Cards! Collect 'em all! (over 800)
  • Music Festival

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Runes of Magic
The New Continent of Zandorya

Phase Two

Patch 3.0.1

Phase Three: Pets for All!

The next expansion to the third chapter of Runes of Magic is still to come this month bringing with it a selection of new features to Chapter III – The Elder Kingdoms.

Patch 3.0.2 integrates, amongst others, over 100 virtual pets with a range of new functions. Players will be able to access the new pets after completing a specific quest at the end of which they can receive pet eggs after defeating an NPC opponent. Once players have summoned their useful companions a wide range of skills will be available to them. The pets can be managed, cared for, and even combined together using an extensive menu.

These pets can also be allocated various attributes such as experience, talent and loyalty which will directly have an effect on players' characters in many different ways. For instance, the loyalty value of a pet will directly determine the probability of it attacking an opponent. The more trained and happier a pet is, the more strongly it will support its master in battle or in producing crafting materials.

Players can also benefit from effective buffs during combat depending on their pets' attributes. To begin with players will be able to own up to six pets and will be able to summon one of them at any one time. Two extra slots will be activated in the future.

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